my Premium Pellets

my Premium Pellets are available in convenient 15 kg bags for pellet stoves and central heating fireplaces and may also be delivered directly to your home via pump truck (via the store, in Austria only).

Unfortunately we have not yet been able to dispense with packaging made of recyclable polyethylene for protection of my Premium Pellets against moisture; tests with putrescible packaging materials have not proven satisfactory.

Until we find a more environmentally friendly solution, we recommend disposing of my Premium Pellets packaging via your local recycling logistics (e.g. yellow garbage bin) or returning these materials to your pellet fuel dealer – just ask your pellets supplier.

Bagged products

my Premium Pellets
15 kg

Premium pellets from Europe ‒ proven quality and traceable origins.

Pallet format
70 bags = 1 050 kg

Produced in the EU
Keep my Premium Pellets stored dry

Refer to the Product sheet for concise information

Diameter6 mm
Bulk weight ≤ 650-700 kg/m3
Heating value≥ 4,8 kWh/kg
Ash content≤ 0,3%
Moisture≤ 7,5%
Mechanical strength≥ 99%
Packaging (bag)15 kg

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Premium pellets made in Austria from regional raw materials – Quality and protection of the environment is our tradition!

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