Austrian Premium Pellets

Quality from Austria

Premium pellets made in Austria from regional raw materials – Quality and protection of the environment is our tradition!

Pallet format
104 bags à 10 kg = 1 040 kg
72 bags à 15 kg = 1 080 kg

Produced in Austria
Keep Austrian Premium Pellets stored dry

Refer to the Product sheet for concise information

Diameter6 mm
Bulk weight ≤ 650-700 kg/m3
Heating value≥ 4,8 kWh/kg
Ash content≤ 0,4%
Moisture≤ 8%
Mechanical strength≥ 98,3%
Packaging (bag)10/15 kg

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Premium pellets from Europe ‒ proven quality and traceable origins.

Bio Pellets are ENplus-certified and assigned quality class A1 – the highest class awarded by the umbrella organisation of the European pellets industry.